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In which I try to crochet ALL THE THINGS. If you're interested in anything I post, please check out my etsy shop (link below). If it's not on there, feel free to message me! I do commissions.

*delighted moose noises*

This fat little moose was a commission from my boss for her mom (who coincidentally is another one of my bosses). She really likes moose.

Pattern from here: [link]

Sorry for the not fantastic photos. I forgot to take some nice ones before I handed him over. Oops.

This little snail wants to help celebrate your special day! Just don’t eat it!

Cupcake snail is up in the shop: [link]

Super Snail Bros pattern is available!

On etsy: [link]
On Ravelry: [link]

Wade Snailson aka Snailpool is up in the shop: [link]

This sweet little snail only has eyes for you! 

Up in the shop: [link]

Be careful of this guy’s super bionic… shell!

Up in the shop: [link]

Who you gunna call? Snailbusters!

Up in the shop: [link]

eresin asked: I love the mario and luigi snails, I see you are selling the finished ones on your etsy hop, but do you plan to sell the patterns?

Definitely! I haven’t properly written them down yet, but keep an eye out within the next week or so! :)

Super Snail Bros are ready to save the princess!

Up in the shop: [link]